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With online activity increasing, in particular mobile, which accounts for over half of a UK users' time spent online, people seek a simple and quick method of acquiring information.

Pubs and Restaurants

A person may seek a type of pub, restaurant to meet a particular requirement. This could be food served all day, cuisine type, children friendly, wheelchair accessible or having a garden

A managed profile on Eat Drink Great Events allows a pub or restaurant to have a dedicated page that can be found by its key features and is supported through various digital marketing activities including social media, search engine optimisation and advertising and blogging.

Through the monitoring of social groups, we make recommendations to specific questions around a venue i.e. dog friendly or live music. As well as keeping abreast of local events and making suggestions for nearby pubs or restaurants to visit.


A recent addition to the website to assist visitors in sourcing a local event and being able to enjoy West Berkshire.

A dedicated page will offer visitors a more detailed overview of the event and supported through pro-active digital marketing activities to increase awareness.

Benefits to your business / event organisers

  • A dedicated and customised business /events page on a site focused to supporting local businesses and events in West Berkshire.
  • Supporting pro-active marketing activities to increase exposure that include social media, blogs, newsletters.
  • Working with other organisations to increase the reach of the website and its members.
  • Increase the opportunity to be found by potential visitors who are searching for a specific requirement through our site i.e. location, live music, type of cuisine, dog friendly or wheelchair accessible.
  • A continual online presence up until the day of an event.

For more information on the listing types and how we can support each other, EMAIL US today.